Valve finished with 'isolated' single-player games?

The interwebs are buzzing with news that Valve may be finished with single-player games, at least as we know them. Oh, my. The claim comes from journalist Geoff Keighley's The Final Hours of Portal 2, a $2 iOS app that takes a behind-the-scenes look at the development of Valve's latest opus. In the iDocumentary, Keighly says the sentiment came directly from Valve head Gabe Newell and project manager Erik Johnson. Kotaku has the goods for those without iOS devices.

"Portal 2 will probably be Valve's last game with an isolated single-player experience," Keighley wrote in Final Hours, "What this all means is something Newell is still trying to figure out."

Keighley admits that the comment is "curious," but Valve appears to be in no rush to clarify things one way or another. The Final Hours of Portal 2 has been available for five days now, and one would think the folks at Valve have seen the final cut.

Before you get too worked up about what this means for Episode 3, take a closer look at the actual quotation. Newell is referring to an "isolated single-player experience" like the one offered by Portal 2, which has a separate co-op campaign. That's a little different than what Valve did with Left 4 Dead 2, whose single-player experience takes you through the co-op campaign with AI-controlled companions at your side. Sounds a lot less isolated to me.

If Newell is still trying to figure things out, Valve's intentions probably aren't set in stone. The prospect folks won't be able to play Episode 3 on their own seems unlikely. However, they may well be playing through the same environments and story as those tackling a co-op campaign. Thanks to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the tip.

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