Sony to serve up two Tegra-based tablets

Sony is the latest big-name electronics maker to confirm its plans for tablets based on Android 3.0. The company has announced a couple of tablets code-named S1 and S2. Both offer something a little unusual on the display front. The S1 has a single panel measuring only 9.4", while the S2 sports dual 5.5" screens in a clamshell design.

Although the official press release doesn't mention much in the way of specifications, ComputerWorld has some additional details. Tegra 2 hardware makes an appearance in both designs. The S1's panel offers 1280x800 pixels, while each of the S2's 5.5" screens has a 1024x480 display resolution. Users will be able to split applications between the S2's screens for a little multitasking. They'll also be able to use one as a dedicated keyboard or game controller.

Interestingly, the S1 has a curved, wedge-shaped profile designed to offer "stability and a sense of lightness." The design is meant to mimic a folded magazine, and it looks more comfortable to hold than your average slate.

Sony hasn't confirmed when either tablet will be available, but Engadget expects them to hit the US by the fall. That sounds a little late, and users might be in for some sticker shock. Engadget's sources foretell a $600 suggested retail price for the S1 and a $700 price tag for the S2.

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