Trackmania 2 trailer shows new eye candy

One of my guilty pleasures these past few years has been playing Nadeo's TrackMania racing games. While perhaps not all as well-known outside Europe as they should be, these titles blend gorgeous graphics with a rather unique, arcade-style racing experience rife with ramps, loop-the-loops, and impossibly fast race cars that are all but indestructible.

The latest TrackMania game for the PC, which includes free and retail components, came out just over three years ago and is growing long in the tooth despite the wealth of user-created tracks. Good news, though. The Nadeo folks are hard at work on TrackMania 2, and as Rock, Paper, Shotgun points out, they've just whipped up a one-minute trailer to show their latest work:

The trailer lays on the motion blur on thick, but it also shows something that ought to make any TrackMania fan happy: the same old game dynamics with a fresh coat of paint and a nice wax job. There are new cars, new environments, new tracks, and judging by the all eye candy, a new or improved game engine, but the gameplay doesn't look any less outlandish.

I can't wait. It's just too bad Nadeo is staying tight-lipped about the game's release schedule, merely teasing us with the words "coming soon... very soon" on the official website. Shacknews says a closed beta will kick off in July, however.

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