Crucial starts selling m4 solid-state drives

If you were reading TR a month ago, you might have seen our review of Crucial's new m4 solid-state drive. Well, you should now be able to buy one. Crucial has announced the "immediate availability" of the drives, which it's offering in capacities of 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB.

You can purchase Crucial m4 SSDs directly from the company's website. Crucial charges $129.99, $249.99, $519.99, and $999.99 for the four drives in increasing order of capacity. For an extra 20 bucks per drive, you can also order a Data Transfer Kit that includes the SSD itself, a USB to Serial ATA adapter, and some software. Crucial says it covers all m4 SSDs with a three-year warranty.

In case you haven't read our review, here's the Cliff's Notes version: Crucial m4 SSDs are based on the same flash controller as the RealSSD C300 series, but with NAND flash based on the cutting-edge 25-nm fab process. The drives are claimed to hit sequential read speeds of up to 415MB/s and sequential write speeds of as much as 260MB/s. (Yes, they do feature 6Gbps Serial ATA interfaces.) We found real-world performance wasn't always higher than the C300 series, though.

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