New Brink video details class-based gameplay

The more I see of Brink, the more intrigued I am by the game. This class-based multiplayer shooter is being developed by Splash Damage, the same studio responsible for Enemy Territory games set in the Wolfenstein and Quake universes. Brink takes place in an entirely different world, and there's a new video explaining how to play.

The Enemy Territory games were lauded for their smart approach to class warfare, and Brink looks like it continues that tradition. There seems to be a little more depth than is common for a modern multiplayer shooter. A free-running element adds another interesting wrinkle, and the visuals look pretty solid. Brink may be based on the old id Tech 4 engine, but the game's colorful environments and stylized art direction are a breath of fresh air for the genre.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun's preview of the game is pretty positive, and we should have more impressions soon. Brink is due to be released in just two weeks. You can save a few bucks if you pre-order the game on Amazon right now. Otherwise, the PC version will set you back $50, with console flavors priced at $60.

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