Poll: Do you prefer single- or multiplayer gaming?

Valve is in the news this week with word that Portal 2 might be the studio's last "isolated single-player experience." There's much debate about exactly what that statement means, and even Valve seems unsure about its plans. However, the discussion brings up an interesting question: do you prefer to play single-player campaigns, or would you rather spend your time with multiplayer modes, be they co-operative, adversarial, or team-based? Let us know by voting below or in the middle column on the front page.

In last week's poll, we asked you to vote on the rawest tech deal of the moment. Nearly a majority (48%) think that a 250GB data cap on a 105Mbps Internet service is worst of the options presented. Trailing far behind with 20% of the vote is the iPhone "bug" that tracks and logs your every movement. 15% are irked by Crysis 2's $60 asking price, while 13% think that early P67 adopters are getting screwed. Only 4% feel sufficiently ripped off by the hours they poured into the GlaDOS@home ARG to vote for that option. Perhaps Portal 2 was a sweet enough reward without much of an early release.

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