Final Catalyst 11.4 graphics drivers released at last

After quite a few weeks of availability in pre-release form, AMD's Catalyst 11.4 driver has put on its best suit, combed its hair, and obtained WHQL certification from Microsoft. At long last, you can now download the final, production-ready Catalyst 11.4 graphics drivers from AMD's Game website.

A number of performance enhancements have made the final cut. Interestingly, the official release notes are more reserved than last month's blog post about the pre-release drivers, quoting smaller performance improvements in fewer games. Still, AMD says users with Radeon HD 6800- and 6900-series cards can look forward to maximum frame rate increases of 6-15% in games like Aliens vs. Predator, Batman Arkham Asylum, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Civilization V, Far Cry 2, Lost Planet 2. That's nothing to look down your nose at.

Also on the menu for this month's Catalysts are some control panel changes and improvements: there's a new task-based Display Management panel, a new Eyefinity "setup group," and a driver update notification feature. On top of that, AMD has gone and updated the built-in OpenCL runtime with some performance improvements.

For more details on the new features and the handful of bug fixes that have made it into the final 11.4 driver, be sure to check out AMD's official release notes.

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