Cedarview Atom details start trickling out

The arrival of AMD's Brazos platform has made Intel's Atom processors substantially less enticing, at least in netbooks and small-form-factor desktops. However, Intel is cooking up some new Atom chips based on its 32-nm fab process, and the guys at AnandTech have managed to snag a good few details about them.

Dubbed Cedarview (and part of the Cedar Trail platform), these new Atoms are reportedly due out in the fourth quarter of this year. AnandTech talks of a D2700 model with two cores, four threads, a 2.13GHz clock speed, and a 10W thermal envelope. There will also be an Atom D2500 chip with only two threads and a 1.86GHz frequency. AnandTech's information concerns the desktop variants, so one would assume the mobile chips will have lower clock speeds and potentially only single cores, at least for lower-end variants.

Architecturally, the site says the CPU component of Cedarview chips won't differ from that of current offerings, so you can probably expect only slightly higher performance on account of the clock speed increases. Integrated graphics may be another story, however. Word is that Intel will include a new IGP with DirectX 10.1 support and high-definition video decoding capabilities (including Blu-ray). That might mean next-gen Atoms won't be a whole lot quicker in day-to-day tasks, but they'll finally enable smooth HD video playback—something AMD's Brazos platform can already do. More light gaming might also be in the cards if Intel beefs up the rest of the GPU, although I'm not holding my breath there.

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