Seagate announces 1TB-per-platter drive

Fresh from its watershed deal with Samsung, Seagate has announced another rather significant milestone. The company is gearing up to release what it says is the world's first 3.5" hard drive with 1TB of storage capacity per platter.

The drive, which will debut as part of Seagate's GoFlex Desk lineup of external solutions, has a whopping 625 Gb/in² areal density and crams 3TB of capacity inside just three platters. Naturally, Seagate plans to ship a Barracuda drive featuring 1TB platters, as well, though that item won't hit the distribution channel until the middle of the year. The 1TB-per-platter Barracuda will also roll out in 2TB, 1.5TB, and 1TB variants.

Seagate doesn't go into much more detail beyond pimping its GoFlex Desk series—perhaps a sensible choice to premiere the new high-density platters, since internal 3TB drives (like the existing Barracuda XT 3TB) are subject to BIOS limitations that make the use of their full capacity problematic. The company's very first 3TB drive also came out in a GoFlex Desk enclosure last year. Reducing the platter count may lead to a price drop, but the performance, power-efficiency, and noise advantages might be moot in an external product that will likely be used chiefly via USB 2.0.

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