JPR: Nvidia's graphics share slipped last quarter

The folks at Jon Peddie Research have crunched numbers for last quarter's graphics hardware shipments, producing some fresh market share data and revealing that, once again, Nvidia has lost ground to both AMD and Intel. Here are the dirty details:

Vendor Q1 2010 Q4 2010 Q1 2011
AMD 21.5% 24.2% 24.8%
Intel 49.6% 52.5% 54.4%
Nvidia 28.0% 22.5% 20.0%

(Keep in mind that, as always, JPR's numbers account for both discrete and integrated graphics.)

The biggest winner was obviously Intel, but AMD didn't do too badly. In fact, JPR says AMD saw a greater increase in raw shipments than Intel (15.4% vs. 9.7%) between the first quarters of 2010 and 2011. Nvidia wasn't so lucky, purportedly suffering a 28.4% decline over the same time period. Good thing Nvidia's Tegra 2 chips are showing up in so many new tablets, because apparently, folks are giving GeForces the cold shoulder.

Discussing broader market trends, JPR says overall shipments climbed by 10.3% between Q4 '10 and Q1 '11—quite a bit more than usual, since shipments typically take a bit of a nosedive following the holiday quarter. JPR reckons the unusual uptick might result in an "inventory buildup that will have to run down in Q2." Sounds like we might be due for some price cuts.

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