Phenom II X4, X6 prices trimmed

We had word of some AMD price cuts in the initial version of our Phenom II X4 980 review today, but when the company made its new prices official, there were surprises in the mix. Among them, the most noteworthy for our purposes would have to be the $185 list price for the X4 980, which is $10 less than we expected.

Also unexpected were complementary price cuts for several Phenom II X6 models. Most notably the Phenom II X6 1100T has dropped from $239 to $205, while the 1075T has moved from $195 to $181.

Even the Athlon II lineup has changed, with Athlon II X3 455 dropping to $76 to make room for the Athlon II X3 460 at 3.4GHz and $87.

Naturally, these changes have affected our review somewhat, so we decided to revise the text and graphs in it to reflect AMD's true new pricing. Here's a look at the updated value scatter plot, for your reference:

As you might imagine by looking over this info, not much in our actual text or conclusions has changed. The Phenom II X4 980 was a poor deal when it was $10 more than the Core i5-2400, substantially slower, and with higher power draw; it's still a poor deal at price parity.

At least AMD's new pricing gives a bit of a nod to the performance and power consumption reality. We expect large PC makers will be seeing deep discounts beyond the list prices. Unless we encounter similar discounts at online or retail vendors on single CPUs, though, our strong recommendation for the Sandy Bridge alternatives isn't likely to waver.

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