New details trickle out on Dell's Adamo successor

Two months ago, Dell hinted that it was cooking up a successor to its retired Adamo laptop. CNet News has now unearthed some fresh details about the upcoming ultra-thin notebook—including that, believe it or not, Dell will allegedly charge less than $1,000 for the system.

CNet News' story mentions another surprising tidbit: Dell is shooting for a 15.6" display size, which should make the upcoming ultra-thin quite a bit larger than the 13.3" Adamo. Also, word is that the PC maker will use Intel's Sandy Bridge processors, a high-resolution display panel, and "special materials."

Dell might have a tantalizing product on its hands, but somehow, I find it hard to get excited about ultra-slim laptops with displays larger than 13 inches. Several such laptops came out when Intel released its first batch of CULV processors in 2009; they were certainly slim, but their large displays made for bulky enclosures, which rendered thinness and lightness somewhat moot. To make matters worse, manufacturers often stuck with the same 1366x768 display resolutions across 13", 14", and 15" models.

Here's hoping Dell doesn't repeat that mistake, even if its next ultra-slim laptop ends up being no MacBook Air killer. CNet News does talk about variants of the Adamo successor coming in "different sizes," but it doesn't sound like those will be available straight away.

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