Corsair freshens up entry-level PSU line

Just over seven months after introducing its entry-level Builder-series power supplies, Corsair has decided to one-up itself. The firm has released a wave of second-generation Builder models, which feature longer warranties, higher power efficiency, and prices still starting just under $50.

According to Corsair, the new Builder Series CX V2 series have 80 Plus certification—a trait missing from the original Builder CX family—as well as three-year warranty coverage, up from two years across the previous product line. Corsair also touts "European Commission Energy-Related Product (ErP) directive compliance for guaranteed efficiency and low standby power consumption," whatever that is. I'm guessing it involves polar bears and a lot of paperwork.

Builder CX V2 power supplies are rolling out in 430W, 500W, and 600W flavors priced at $49, $64, and $74, respectively. Corsair talks about availability some time this month, but a quick peek at Newegg shows a couple of CX V2 units are already listed: the CX430 V2 for $49.99 and the CX500 V2 for $69.99. Both units come with a $10-off mail-in rebate, too. The first-gen 430W unit is still a wee bit cheaper, but I think the longer warranty alone justifies the slight step up to its successor.

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