Leaked slides reveal Bulldozer, Llano performance

Donanim Haber is at it again. The Turkish site has posted a collection of purported AMD slides detailing the positioning and expected performance of upcoming Llano and Bulldozer APUs. Google's translation is a little fuzzy, but the slides lay everything out in plain english.

If the slides are accurate, we're due to see Bulldozer emerge in FX-Series APUs with four, six, and eight cores. Llano will also arrive in three flavors, this time as part of an A-Series line. The top two tiers in that lineup will sport four CPU cores, while the third will be a dually with a much weaker integrated Radeon GPU. A version of that dual-core chip may also be behind the E2-Series APUs set to slot in just above the Zacate-based E-350.

The most interesting slide of the bunch illustrates the relative performance of a number of AMD's upcoming APUs versus three different Sandy Bridge CPUs. Results are provided for 3DMark and PCMark Vantage, and things look pretty grim on the CPU front. None of the Llano-based A-Series APUs come close to matching the PCMark score of even the Core i3-2100. The lone Bulldozer example, an eight-core model, barely beats the Core i7-2600K.

Things look much better for AMD if you focus on the 3DMark scores, which show the A-Series APUs trouncing Sandy Bridge's integrated GPU. That matches yesterday's assertion that Llano's integrated graphics component will offer three times the performance of Intel's HD Graphics. The Phenom II-based APU may be a tough sell for anyone who intends to run a discrete graphics card, though.

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