Intel demos Ivy Bridge, hints at release schedule

During its tri-gate transistor announcement this morning, Intel gave a live demo of Ivy Bridge, its upcoming successor to Sandy Bridge. The 22-nm "tick" will use tri-gate transistors exclusively, and a separate video has surfaced showing Ivy Bridge CPUs running in three different systems.

The first system is an Ivy Bridge laptop playing a 1080p video. There's also a web-server demo and a desktop system running iRacing. I believe this is the first time Ivy Bridge has been shown in the wild, and the demo is made even more impressive by the fact that tri-gate transistor tech is far enough along for such a public showing.

During the Q&A portion of its tri-gate press conference, Intel indicated that production Ivy Bridge CPUs are due to arrive late this year or early next. Sandy Bridge was launched at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, and we could see Ivy Bridge make its official debut at next year's show. There's more to this next-gen CPU than just fancy transistors, too. Ivy Bridge will feature DirectX 11-class integrated graphics and is rumored to offer PCI Express 3.0 connectivity.

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