TR reviews the PowerColor Evil Kyro

— 12:01 AM on March 13, 2001

Upon reading about the recent Kyro II video card announcement from Hercules, a lot of folks perked up a bit, scratched their heads, and said, "Huh? What's dat?" Dissonance comes to our aid with an oddly timely, in its way, review of a card based on the original Kyro chip, PowerColor's Evil Kyro 64MB. This chip is essentially the same thing as the new Kyro II, only a bit slower. It plays TNT to the new Kyro II chip's TNT2, if you catch my drift. (And if you do, you really should get out more.)

Anyhow, the Kyro incorporates PowerVR technology, and is one generation beyond the graphics chip used in Sega's Dreamcast console. It's also dirt cheap. Thanks to its nifty, tile-based rendering architecture, cheap RAM is the order of the day for the Kyro. Check out Dissonance's tile-based review for the rest of the story.

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