Poll: What sort of products should TR cover more?

We're constantly evaluating our content mix here at TR. There are only so many hours in each day and much interesting hardware to cover. In recent years, new product categories have emerged to compete for our attention. Smart phones and tablets seem to be all the rage in some circles, and we haven't done much with either. There are also segments within the realm of traditional enthusiast PC hardware that live on the fringes of our core focus.

In this week's poll, we'd like to hear what you think we should be covering more of here at TR. The results won't necessarily dictate our editorial schedule, but we'll use them to inform our decisions about future reviews. You can vote below or in the middle column on the front page.

Last week's poll tackled the subject of gaming and, specifically, whether you prefer to play alone or with others. Somewhat surprisingly, a clear majority (64%) prefers single-player game modes. 17% of those who voted would rather enjoy a cooperative multiplayer campaign, while 14% are fans of team-based multiplayer. Only 5% favor the adversarial multiplayer experience offered by a traditional deathmatch.

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