Section 8: Prejudice combines Tribes, Halo for $15

A common refrain among PC enthusiasts is that games are simply too expensive. $50-60 is a lot to drop on a single title, and that has many waiting for Steam sales and other discounts before pulling the trigger on a new release. Some games are more affordable than others, though. Section 8: Prejudice, for example, costs just $15.

The Games for Windows Live title has also been released on Xbox Live, so I suppose one could classify it as a console shooter. According to Ars Technica's review, Section 8 is one part Tribes and two parts Halo—not a bad mix if you're looking for something a little different. There's a short single-player campaign, a co-op Swarm mode, and a team-based Conquest component. Ars wasn't particularly inspired by the single-player section, but it was impressed with the rest and particularly fond of the thoughtful little touches peppered throughout the game.

$15 games tend to be arcade-style indie releases, making Section 8 a definite departure from the norm. If it proves popular, we could see other developers pursuing a similar low-cost strategy. Studios have access to alternative revenue streams via DLC and the sale of in-game items, which should make it easier to offer games with a lower initial price tag.

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