id: Rage will ship with modding tools built in

The team at id Software has never been one to forget about modders, and they'll apparently stay true to that reputation with Rage. According to PC World, the upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter will ship with modding tools from the get-go.

The news comes from none other than id Creative Director Tim Willits, who told PC Gamer that users wishing to modify the game will need only "[p]ull down the console, type 'id studio', then press enter. Then, bam, there's all the tools we use." Willits hinted that users will be able to modify existing maps, throw in different characters, and change voice-overs without too much trouble, while serious modders will have the option to load up the level editor and take a crack at building maps from scratch. (The editor will be "built into the engine," he said.)

Mod communities are a key part of what makes PC gaming great, and I'm definitely glad to see id isn't forgetting about that in spite of Rage's cross-platform nature. Here's hoping Rage's tools will be user-friendly enough to foster some quality mods. I wonder if id is still using Radiant after all this time...

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