Accounting Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. Apple topples Google as world's most valuable brand
  2. Neowin shares rumor: Microsoft entering into Skype deal talks?
  3. Ars Technica: Worried about data caps? Here's how to check your usage
  4. Fudzilla reports new netbook platform allows 4GB RAM, 12.1" screens
  5. Expreview reports Samsung Chrome OS netbook may launch this week
  6. SemiAccurate reports PowerColor dual-Barts / HD 6870 spotted
  7. The Atlantic: How much would the iPad 2 cost if it were made in the U.S.? About $1,140
  8. Icrontic: The Smithsonian's video game list revealed

Accounting Day

  1. LinkedIn sets price range for IPO, $32 to $35
  2. Ars Technica reports SF backtracks on cell phone radiation bill
  3. Windows Weekly 207 (podcast)
Hardware news

  1. NordicHardware reports Arctic to enter PC market with all-in-one PC
  2. DigiTimes reports Asus ships 2 million motherboards in April
    and VIA USB 3.0 HDD device controller certified by USB-IF
  3. IDT introduces thermal sensor for DDR3 memory
    modules to expand cloud computing portfolio
  4. TC Magazine reports incoming OCZ Solid 3 SSDs get detailed
    and hp to release the Elite L2201x monitor
  5. NordicHardware reports tomorrow's lithium ion batteries charge in minutes
  6. Newegg's limited time guerrilla deals (deals expire at 11:59PM PDT today)
  7. Dealzon's deals: $400 coupon for hp Elite 590t Core i7 PC, $300 coupon for
    15.6” hp dv6t Quad / Blu-ray, $330 off 32” LG 32LE5300 1080p LED TV,
    and $50 off 14MP Nikon S4100 camera

  1. DailyTech reports AT&T's unauthorized iPhone-tethering crackdown gets detailed
  2. TechCrunch: Android to surpass Apple's App Store in size by August 2011 - report
  3. wpcentral: Windows Live Messenger, Bing Image Search also on Windows Phone 7.5
  4. VR-Zone reports AT&T set to launch Infuse 4G smartphone in U.S.
  5. Expreview reports Galaxy S II smartphone hits 3 million preorders

  1. OMG Ubuntu: Firefox to remain the default browser in Ubuntu 11.10
  2. Unixmen has Ubuntu Studio 11.04 Natty screenshots tour
  3. Tech Drive-in's top 10 Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal-themed wallpapers
  4. Expreview reports MSI Afterburner 2.2.0 beta 3 let out supporting GTX 560
  5. Chromium 13.0.760.0

  1. TechFlash reports Sony CEO sorry for PlayStation woes
  2. Fudzilla reports no Xbox 720 at E3
  3. Björn3D reviews Razer Onza (Tournament Edition) Xbox 360 controller
  4. Shacknews on video games to be released this week
  5. Passing the Halo: A Defiant look at the franchise's future - Ars Technica
  6. Gaming Heaven's DiRT 3 preview (Xbox 360)
  7. Steam continues EA Week: Battlefield & Medal of Honor (deal ends at noon CDT today)

  1. OC3D on's Gladiator 1155 Core i5 4.4GHz bundle
  2. PCPer's hp Mini 210 review: Fusion is fast, but Atoms last
  3. TweakTown reviews 8GB G.Skill Sniper Series PC3-12800 kit
  4. HT4U reviews Gigabyte GeForce GTX 560 Ti OC (in German)
  5. TweakTown reviews Antec HCP-1200 PSU
  6. techPowerUp! reviews Cubitek HPTX-Tank chassis
  7. Benchmark Reviews on Cooler Master Elite 371 case
  8. OCIA reviews SilverStone FT03 micro-ATX case
  9. Techgage reviews Lamptron FC8 fan controller
  10. KitGuru reviews Antec Kühler H2O 920
  11. t-break reviews Noctua NH-C14 CPU cooler
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