Catalyst 11.5 drivers arrive with hotfix in tow

Yet again, AMD has rolled out a batch of final, production-ready Catalyst drivers alongside a more unproven hotfix release. You can download the regular Catalyst 11.5 update here on AMD's Game website and the 11.5a hotfix on this page.

The regular 11.5 update doesn't break too much new ground in terms of features. AMD touts only a couple of major changes, both related to HydraVision configuration with Eyefinity setups.

  • The HydraGrid feature found in HydraVision is now aware of user created Bezels
  • The HydraGrid feature found in HydraVision now also includes as “Automatic Grid” option that aligns to the user defined Eyefinity display layout.

You can check out the full release notes here. It looks like AMD's gone and ironed out a few kinks, but nothing terribly noteworthy.

The 11.5a hotfix, meanwhile, includes performance optimizations and bug fixes for Splash Damage's upcoming Brink, which is due out tomorrow. There are also additional bug fixes pertaining to video transcoding, mouse cursor lag, and intermittent flickering in a few games running on Radeon HD 6600-series graphics cards with DDR3 memory. (I'm guessing that last fix only applies to cards for pre-built PCs, because the retail Radeon HD 6670 has GDDR5 RAM.)

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