AMD on ARM: Make that a maybe

We've heard the rumors, and we've heard the official denial. Now, here comes a more nuanced response from AMD about the possibility of a partnership with ARM. Speaking to the folks at eWeek, AMD Marketing Director John Taylor suggested that the two companies could conceivably get cozy in the future because they have a similar vision—but nothing has happened quite yet.

Taylor reportedly pointed out a shared belief that "the industry can't keep pushing CPU-like cores—such as x86 and PowerPC architectures—without sacrificing energy efficiency." He also noted, "Clearly there's common ground between AMD and ARM [in regards to] balanced computing and the GPU as the key platform pushing the [computing] experience forward, but not at the expense of battery life."

Taylor is the same executive who shot down the rumors in stronger terms last month, so it's interesting to see him revisit (and mitigate) his response less than two weeks later.

As I said last time, AMD ditching x86 altogether is probably out of the question. I could definitely see the company whipping up an ultra-low-power, ARM-based Fusion APU a la Nvidia's Tegra 2, though. AMD's current lowest-power CPU architecture does a fine job in Ontario and Zacate mobile processors, but it's probably not smartphone material.

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