Potential found in 10 hours of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deux Ex: Human Revolution is one of the most anticipated games of the year. The franchise has a storied history, and the first game is regarded by many as one of the greatest PC titles of all time. Rock, Paper, Shotgun has experienced 10 hours of Human Revolution, and the site sees plenty of potential along with ample reasons to be nervous.

The preview is pretty positive overall, and the game is apparently quite polished for something that isn't due until August. The author was also quite taken with the combat, augmentation scheme, and more mature themes. He wasn't as impressed with the waypoint system, cut-scenes, and lone boss battle, though.

While Human Revolution may not be the perfect sequel Deux Ex fans have been dreaming of for the last decade, it looks like a pretty solid game, and one I'm eager to check out. I never did spent much time with the original, which may make it easier to appreciate what Human Revolution does well, even if it perhaps should have been done differently.

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