Screenshot shows purported Bulldozer wPrime, Super PI scores

There's nothing quite like CPU-Z screenshots and benchmark scores of unreleased processors to brighten my day. This time, the folks at X-bit labs have snagged a screenshot that reveals dirty details about one of AMD's upcoming, Bulldozer-based Zambezi processors. The image seems to originate from a motherboard company who shall remain nameless—at least until you click the image link in X-bit labs' article and look at the huge caption.

Apparently, the system on which that screenshot was taken featured an AMD FX 8110 processor with a 2.8GHz base clock speed and a 3.8GHz Turbo Core speed. CPU-Z reported eight cores, 8MB of L2 cache, 8MB of L3 cache, a 1.396V core voltage, and a 95W thermal envelope. Oh, and it looks like the CPU was running atop a Gigabyte "GA-990FX-UD5" motherboard with an AMD 990FX north bridge and SB950 south bridge.

That's all well and good, but the real juicy part here is the SuperPi 32M and wPrime 1024M scores—7 minutes, 22.885 seconds for the former and 166.895 seconds for the latter. A quick look at the Hwbot rankings for those benchmarks shows similar scores have been achieved by Sandy Bridge-based Core i7 processors... but only when they were overclocked to 5-5.2GHz.

The FX 8110 won't even be AMD's flagship, according to X-bit labs. The site talks of a quicker FX 8130P model with a larger 125W thermal envelope. We'll have to run some real-world benchmarks when these bad boys come out to get a complete picture, of course, but these early synthetic results certainly bode well, provided they're genuine.

Update: The guys at say they've gotten word from Gigabyte that the screenshot is a fake.

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