LimeWire agrees to pay RIAA $105 million

Cha-ching! LimeWire has settled with the music industry and agreed to cough up $105 million for its role in promoting piracy. As Yahoo reports, this settlement was reached as jurors considered how much LimeWire should have to pay for what the recording industry called "massive copyright infringement." If LimeWire settled before an official verdict came down, the company probably expected to be on the hook for even more money. The RIAA had initially claimed it was owed $75 trillion, a figure the judge in the case called absurd.

Even more absurd, perhaps, is the fact that the artists whose works were pirated may not see a dime from the LimeWire settlement. The RIAA has previously used the proceeds of lawsuits to fund its anti-piracy efforts, and there's no indication of a change in that policy.

A court injunction barred the LimeWire client from being distributed in October of last year, but it's not gone entirely. Soon after that injunction hit, a modified version of the client dubbed LimeWire Pirate Edition popped up on the web. That app's source code has since taken up residence at SourceForge under the name WireShare.

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