Valve to put a new game on sale every day on Steam

Steam is a rather popular game distribution platform among TR readers. Our own David Morgan explored many of the reasons why in his latest blog post, including the fact that Steam often plays host to sales and promotions that offer surprisingly decent titles at bargain-bin prices. Now, Valve has revealed that those sales will pop up even more often—daily, in fact.

The first in what will be a string of 24-hour daily deals debuted yesterday with Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, which was slashed from $20 to just $5. Dragon Rising came out over 15 months ago, so it's hardly a hot new release. Then again, $5 is less than I paid for a pint of beer over the weekend. That pint lasted only 20 minutes and had zero replay value, which is I'm sure less than can be said for Dragon Rising.

While I wouldn't expect a similar 75% discount to be applied to a new release or even something that debuted during last year's holiday rush, I can see prices being slashed on a lot of year-old titles and indie games. It wouldn't surprise me if Valve busted out a particularly tasty deal every so often just to keep folks interested. We'll know what's in store for today at 10AM PT, which is when the daily deal gets renewed.

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