Microsoft moves toward Open Source?

WinInfo is reporting that Microsoft is allowing some of its biggest clients access to the source code for Windows so they can test, debug, and gain an intimate understanding of the operating system. Also, InfoWorld has a story that Microsoft will enable web services created using .NET technology to run on operating systems other than Windows. From InfoWorld:
"We'll make some announcements Monday where we'll have ways for people who are not running on top of a Microsoft platform ... to implement our .NET services," Ballmer said, speaking at a dinner hosted by Silicon Valley non-profit group The Churchill Club.

Asked if the operating systems supported will include Linux, seen by some as a competitor to Windows, Ballmer replied that they would.

"Do we have a way for people who host Web sites on Linux to build on [.NET]? Yes we do. That's not to say our overall strategy is not to get those Web sites over to Windows, but we will provide a way for those Linux servers to use .NET," Ballmer said.

Has Microsoft learned something from Linux? Rumors of MS buying Corel Linux may not be far-fetched.

There are some Windows roadmaps here and here courtesy of ASCII24. Are they serious about Whistler water (natural mineral water from Canada)?

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