Nvidia's Huang talks next-gen Tegra design wins

Remember that story about Asus planning to release a tablet based on Nvidia's Kal-El processor (a.k.a. Tegra 3)? Turns out Asus might have company—quite a lot of it, judging by a recent statement from Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang.

Reuters quotes Huang as saying, on the subject of Kal-El design wins, "It's got to be at least 10. We have five major phone companies and we have five major PC (manufacturers)." The article elaborates by noting that Kal-El has already been selected for devices that include "phones, tablets and low-powered laptops."

Five manufacturers is one thing, but five major manufacturers in each market means Kal-El slates and handsets might be all but ubiquitous. That'd be quite a leap for Nvidia, considering how long it took for the company's Tegra 2 chip to show up in actual products. Nvidia said in February that the first Kal-El devices will enter production in August, so we may well see them in stores this fall.

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