Leaked photo shows ECS Llano motherboard

AMD's Llano processors have been shipping for about a month and a half now, and AMD plans a retail debut this quarter, so we should be seeing them before too long. It's not surprise, then, that the guys at PC Games Hardware in Germany have snagged a picture of a purported retail Llano motherboard from ECS.

The board, apparently dubbed the A75F-A, features the new AMD FM1 socket and what looks like a new heatsink mounting mechanism. I also see four DDR3-1866 DIMM slots, two physical PCI Express x16 slots (of the Gen. 2 variety, if the writing on the circuit board can be trusted), a trio of display outputs (VGA, DVI, and HDMI), five internal 6Gbps Serial ATA ports, one external SATA port, and USB 3.0. Mercifully, the Hudson-D3 chipset is covered by a low-profile passive heatsink.

According to PC Games Hardware, ECS has three Llano boards up its sleeve. The A75F-A is the top of the line; there will also be A7F-M and A75F-M2 models, both of which will have microATX form factors and more limited connectivity. I'm expecting Llano to enter the budget arena that AMD's Athlon II X4 and Phenom II X4 processors occupy today, so microATX form factors and spartan connectivity options could be commonplace even among Socket FM1 offerings from other motherboard makers.

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