Poll: What's the best first-person shooter weapon?

First-person shooters have defined gaming on the PC. Because FPS titles tend to be about, well, shooting things, the weapons available in each game can have a huge impact on one's enjoyment of it. These weapons have to sound just right, inflict substantial damage, and put a smile on your face when you pull the trigger. But which first-person, er, shooter is the best? We've compiled a list of iconic favorites for your voting pleasure, and you can chime in with your own in the comments below.

In our last poll, we asked what sort of content you'd like to see more of here at TR. Laptops came out on top with 17% of the vote, followed closely by motherboards with 16%, and smart phones with 15%. Tablets and server-class hardware were locked in a two-way tie with 11%, while cases slotted in behind them with 10%. Only 6% of those who voted want to see us tackle more coolers, and just 4% crave more PSU coverage. 10% of the vote fell into the "other" category, with a lot of folks wanting us to tackle monitors.

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