Microsoft: Intel's Windows-on-ARM talk 'factually inaccurate'

Is anyone really surprised? As Business Insider reports, Microsoft has publicly addressed Intel's claims about the ARM version of Windows 8, and in short, it sounds like the chipmaker wasn't being entirely truthful. Here's what Microsoft said, according to Business Insider:

Intel's statements during yesterday's Intel Investor Meeting about Microsoft's plans for the next version of Windows were factually inaccurate and unfortunately misleading. From the first demonstrations of Windows on SoC, we have been clear about our goals and have emphasized that we are at the technology demonstration stage. As such, we have no further details or information at this time.

In case you missed our coverage yesterday, Intel claimed that there will be four different versions of Windows for ARM, and that none of them will be backward-compatible with existing Windows applications.

Microsoft's rebuttal unfortunately stops short of specifically disavowing either of those claims, leaving the fear, uncertainty, and doubt mitigated but still present. I guess we'll have to wait until Microsoft sheds more light on its next operating system to get a clearer picture. Until then, keep in mind that it's in Microsoft's best interest to make Windows on ARM as appealing an alternative to Android and iOS as possible. Backward-compatibility with legacy software would go a long way.

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