Intel upgrades 320 Series SSD warranty to five years

In a short press release issued yesterday, Intel confirmed that it is extending the warranty coverage on its 320 Series solid-state drives from three to five years. As far as I'm aware, the 320 Series is the first consumer-grade SSD to bear a five-year warranty. Most other solid-state drives are stuck with three-year warranties.

Interestingly, the warranty bump doesn't apply to Intel's faster 510 Series SSD. That drive uses 34-nm flash and a Marvell controller, while the 320 Series pairs newer 25-nm flash with an Intel controller. Durability was a big focus with the 320 Series, which includes a RAID-like XOR redundancy scheme to compensate for flash errors and a collection of capacitors to guard against data loss due to a power failure. Those features aren't present on the 510 Series.

At least one retailer has already confirmed that failure rates on Intel solid-state drives are lower than not only other SSDs, but also mechanical hard drives. With this longer warranty, Intel looks set to cement its reputation as a provider of the most reliable SSDs on the market.

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