Deal of the week: Quiet graphics and other bargains

This week's deal post is less about coupons and more about a couple of tasty graphics cards we had a chance to review earlier this week. I'm talking, of course, about Asus' Radeon HD 6870 TOP and GeForce GTX 560 TOP, which are available for $199.99 ($179.99 after a mail-in rebate) and $219.99, respectively.

The Radeon is the better deal according to our numbers, but as we saw in our review, both products manage to offer excellent performance per dollar with impeccably low noise levels. That's thanks in part to the DirectCU II cooler on both cards. This dual-fan, copper-infused contraption made the Radeon HD 6870 TOP the quietest of our lineup at idle and under load. The GTX 560 TOP was the second quietest.

Of course, if graphics cards don't float your boat, there are always plenty of miscellaneous bargains and coupons to be enjoyed. Newegg is running a 72-hour sale that spans a wealth of items, from a 4GB Kingston DDR3-1333 module priced at $38.99 to a half dozen Corsair PSUs subject to a 15% off coupon code ("MAY15SAVE").

Up here in Canada, NCIX is also running a Long Weekend Sale Event to celebrate Victoria Day. There are so many items listed I don't know where to start—affordable solid-state drives are ripe for the picking, though, like this 30GB Kingston drive for $59.99 CAD.

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