WSJ: Dell's new MacBook Air killer to debut tomorrow

Okay, so Dell's next ultra-thin laptop—and successor to the defunct Adamo—might not be a direct MacBook Air competitor after all, since its 15" display will make it larger than the largest Air. Nevertheless, the Wall Street Journal reports that Dell will introduce the system, which it describes as a $999 notebook designed to be "the thinnest 15-inch offering 'on the planet,'" tomorrow. The Journal adds that this system is "designed to better compete against Apple's popular Macbook."

As Engadget points out, Dell CEO Michael Dell tweeted earlier this month that the "XPS 15z," as the upcoming laptop is called, will be out "soon." The tweet even included a link to a YouTube video teasing the machine's design:

At least judging by that video, the XPS 15z does look like a potentially tantalizing system. If Dell outfits it with the right hardware—say, an ultra-low-voltage Sandy Bridge CPU and a big enough battery—it could be a decent deal at $999, as well, provided users care about that whole "thinnest 15-inch offering 'on the planet'" thing. Personally, though, I find it hard to get too excited about an ultra-slim profile on a machine whose 15" display will mandate a correspondingly bulky chassis.

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