Dead Island video shows open world, teases co-op

I'll admit I wasn't all that excited about the prospect of yet another zombie shooter, even after Geoff posted that neat "Tragedy Hits Paradise." However, after watching the latest video showcasing Techland's Dead Island, my interest is piqued. See for yourself:

Dead Island has zombies on a tropical island, of course, but it also looks to have more in common with role-playing games than the mindless run-and-gun slaughterfests the zombie genre has become associated with. There's character interaction, weapon repair, vehicles, missions, and best of all, an open world. Parts of the video remind me of Far Cry 2, although combat seems to happen in closer quarters.

As icing on the cake, the video points out that Dead Island will let four players team up to beat the main, story-driven campaign—so fans of the Left 4 Dead games will have something to pass the time while Valve slowly churns out more content. (Thanks to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the tip.)

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