Radeon HD 6450 with GDDR5 RAM looks to be scarce

Availability discrepancies among bargain-basement graphics cards don't really warrant a whole lot of grief, but still, this one is worth pointing out—if only as an addendum to our review of the Radeon HD 6450. In that review, we tested a version of the Radeon HD 6450 with 512MB of GDDR5 memory, and we said another version featuring 1GB of slower DDR3 RAM would be available, as well.

Six weeks later, a look at Newegg listings shows us that, out of 10 different Radeon HD 6450 cards, only a single one has GDDR5 RAM: a Sapphire model priced at $54.99. Conducting a similar search at Amazon.com yields nothing but DDR3 variants. The same goes for TigerDirect and NCIX (in Canada).

Now, the asking price on the lone Sapphire card isn't higher than it should be (the 6450 did launch at $55). That said, it's pretty clear that the GDDR5 card AMD sent us isn't representative of the vast majority of Radeon HD 6450s listed at e-tailers today. Keep that in mind next time you're shopping for an uber-cheap GPU.

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