DVD Audio delays don't stop Pioneer

This EE Times article reveals that Pioneer will keep its original launch date for DVD audio players in Japan. The companies involved had previously decided to delay the launch due to the DVD video encryption being compromised. Pioneer, realizing that this would result in at least a six month delay, decided to press on with players that will play unprotected DVD audio discs.

Of course this means that more than likely nobody will be producing discs for the players except for Pioneer. Nonetheless, the players give early adopters an opportunity to get the technology quicker than they otherwise would. Pioneer will deal with the looming copy protection issue by offering to upgrade the players once the protection standard is finished.

There's no word in the article on the cost of these magic little boxes. I'm thinking the profit margins on these things have got to be pretty high to justify both producing special discs for the first six months of the players' life, and offering free upgrades to all players sold.

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