Photos of next-gen AMD boards from MSI, Gigabyte leak

As AMD's next-gen Llano and Zambezi processors draw closer and closer to release, pictures of matching motherboards are somehow finding their way into the wild. Today, we received some teaser photos of what looks like an MSI Socket AM3+ motherboard based on the upcoming AMD 990FX chipset:

You can find more photos in the image gallery below. Based on a cursory examination, I believe the board has dual PCI Express x1 slots, one PCI slot, passive chipset cooling, USB 3.0 and 6Gbps Serial ATA connectivity, and MSI's "Military Class" electrical components. The black AM3+ socket will accommodate Bulldozer-based Zambezi processors, which will sit at the high end of AMD's next-gen processor lineup.

Meanwhile, over in Turkey, the folks at DonanimHaber have nabbed a photo of a Gigabyte motherboard with an FM1 socket and an A75 Fusion Controller Hub. The board, which I believe is designed to accommodate AMD's upcoming Llano processors, looks not an unlike a similar ECS model we caught a glimpse of last week. I'm seeing passive cooling, dual physical PCI Express x16 slots, five internal Serial ATA ports (with mention of external SATA connectivity), and a Dolby Home Theater logo.

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