AMD churns out new Catalyst driver hotfix

Barely more than two weeks after gracing us with its Catalyst 11.5 drivers and an accompanying 11.5a driver, AMD has struck again, this time with a Catalyst 11.5b hotfix. The new hotfix can be nabbed from this page on AMD's support site. Both Windows 7 and Windows XP are supported.

What's new? The release notes go over some of the same changes that were introduced in the 11.5a release, like performance optimizations for Brink, video transcoding improvements, a mouse cursor lag fix, and so forth. As far as I can see, the only really new additions are the following:

  • Enables AMD CrossFire™ scaling for Brink
  • Enables AMD CrossFire scaling for The Witcher 2
  • Improves performance for Dirt 3

Dirt 3, of course, came out on Tuesday. Radeon owners hoping to play the latest opus in Codemaster's racing game series—not to mention those who already got it—will probably want to grab this hotfix.

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