news amd churns out new catalyst driver hotfix

AMD churns out new Catalyst driver hotfix

Barely more than two weeks after gracing us with its Catalyst 11.5 drivers and an accompanying 11.5a driver, AMD has struck again, this time with a Catalyst 11.5b hotfix. The new hotfix can be nabbed from this page on AMD’s support site. Both Windows 7 and Windows XP are supported.

What’s new? The release notes go over some of the same changes that were introduced in the 11.5a release, like performance optimizations for Brink, video transcoding improvements, a mouse cursor lag fix, and so forth. As far as I can see, the only really new additions are the following:

  • Enables AMD CrossFire™ scaling for Brink
  • Enables AMD CrossFire scaling for The Witcher 2
  • Improves performance for Dirt 3

Dirt 3, of course, came out on Tuesday. Radeon owners hoping to play the latest opus in Codemaster’s racing game series—not to mention those who already got it—will probably want to grab this hotfix.

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  1. Well, I figured you could follow the references…

    And what they are called does matter as they imply what the point of a release is because they are different. AMD is using the term “hotfix”, so I guess it means something to them… [b<]If they are the same, why call anything a hotfix or a beta at all then? Simple, because they aren't the same![/b<] They also have occasionally have "preview" (beta) drivers [url<][/url<]. Which, of course, they call something else, because well, they [i<]are[/i<] something else! Am I being anal? Yes. But if we don't even use terminology correctly, how can there even be a real discussion without running into a bunch of false equivalencies. (Then again, I'm assuming you want to have a real discussion.) And no one is arguing fixing issues is bad.

  2. Wow…I think your anal-ness is making TR look bad. The point of driver updates be they beta, WHQL, hotfix is to fix game, program and hardware compatibility issues and again, that is a good thing. Who cares wtf they call them…FYI, relying on wikipedia for facts isn’t the smartest thing either mr. computer IQ!

  3. Really modded down? What happened to the computer IQ here…? You’re making TR look bad…

    [url<][/url<] [url<][/url<]

  4. [quote<]Have you read many of the complaints regarding Brink ? It bordered unplayability on ATI hardware...if that's not "so bad", what is ?[/quote<] No I haven't read them, if it's about crossfire this or that on one title I still find it hard to generalize. Granted I don't own every single new game out there but I rarely jump on the driver of the day with my 5850 and never have slide-shows.. [quote<]Again with the "throwing money" debate ? it gets tiresome...[etc etc][/quote<] I'll point you to what clearly [b<]wasn't[/b<] my point but you still chose to argue about: [quote<](whether one sees this as fair game or throwing money down the pit to ensure an un-even playing field is a different debate..)[/quote<] I.e. nVidia has, not so much for HW/SW advantages these days, a very strong presence at with developers which makes them test/develop on their hardware first (and/or mostly). If that doesn't explain your: [quote<] Why is performance so bad with previous drivers on new games for AMD ? Do they always need very specific coding for specific games ?[/quote<] I don't know what does.

  5. Have you read many of the complaints regarding Brink ? It bordered unplayability on ATI hardware…if that’s not “so bad”, what is ?

    Again with the “throwing money” debate ? it gets tiresome…The TWIMTBP program isn’t about throwing money. It’s about throwing resources (actual people) to work with developers and help them reach better performance out of the given hardware.
    Dirt 2 was also sponsored by ATI (as Dirt 3 seems to be). Did that stop NVIDIA from collaborating with Codemasters to help them get better performance out of NVIDIA’s hardware ? Not at all and this is a game that has AMD/ATI logo all over the place, even car skins…
    Same for Stalker CoP, yet it runs great on NVIDIA hardware too. Not to mention the money flow between Valve and ATI for years and years, yet NVIDIA collaborates with Valve too. If AMD doesn’t know how to talk and work with developers that’s their problem, but it affects their customers down the line, with so many hotfixes.

  6. As a developer myself, your “duh” shows just how little you know about anything and just defend AMD blindly (no surprise there).
    Better performance can be extracted by tweaking drivers for specific games, but that does not mean that performance on a new game should be atrocious (as seems to be the case with Brink) with an older driver (and older in this case means two weeks old…). OpenGL is something around for quite some time and id Tech 4 especially is a very old engine, yet AMD still has so many problems with it. And hotfixes are NOT fill in release cycles. They fix critical problems…much like betas do as well. The problem is in the amount. AMD has way too many hotfixes between WHQL driver releases.

  7. I am too, mostly because they chose to put in that annoying “Next-Gen color filter.” Good job Codies, you got Gears of War in my Dirt 3.

  8. I’m pretty disappointed with DIRT3’s visuals. Not much improvement over DIRT2. I suppose this is the obsolete console hardware rut we’re in.

  9. Hotfix != Beta

    Hotfixes patch things that are (critically) broken in the [i<]current[/i<] release. Betas are test [i<]future[/i<] releases. Now betas releases may contain bug fixes, but the goal of a beta (testing) is different from the goal of a hotfix (fixing).

  10. “Do they always need very specific coding for specific games” well duh! Do I need to say more. In case you didn’t know, nvidia is also releasing their “beta” drivers all the time. Everything in nvidia seem to be in beta-phase always (no wonder their GPUs fry all the time ;). This is just AMD’s way to fill-in release cycle gaps.

  11. Discuss what? Both NV and AMD roll out beta/hotfix drivers to fix issues in high profile games to help users…and I’m defensive about what????

    BTW..don’t let the door hit ya on the way out!

  12. [quote<]Why is performance so bad with previous drivers on new games for AMD ?[/quote<] Just because they release an improvement in a timely manner doesn't mean performance was "so bad". Also -as you must know- Nvidia's connections with developers (TWIMTBP) has been a league or two above what Ati offered (still offers?) for years. (whether one sees this as fair game or throwing money down the pit to ensure an un-even playing field is a different debate..) This resulting in games being tested and optimized (if not developed on) way ahead of their release on Nvidia's hardware. Even Carmack, whose games run sweetly on ATi hardware, admitted Nvidia was still his dev platform of choice while pretty much struggling to put forward any real technical advantage for that.

  13. Your defensive stance shows who really wants to start a fanboi war. If you’re not willing to discuss things in a civil manner, see ya!

  14. actually, for steam users its a breeze, because steam offers an auto-update feature for Catalyst drivers

  15. Sure fixing issues is a good thing. But since you’re comparing AMD’s hotfixes with NVIDIA’s beta drivers (which I would say is a fair comparison), can you also count how many betas NVIDIA releases between WHQL releases and how many hotfixes AMD releases between WHQL releases ?

  16. And.. got a thumb down for your trouble, now that’s classy 🙂
    Here you go my good man, you’re back afloat!

  17. Another hotfix ?
    Why is performance so bad with previous drivers on new games for AMD ? Do they always need very specific coding for specific games ?

    Must be a pain to install so many drivers in such a short period…

  18. Witcher 2 with these drivers causes light sources to pass through all objects, including the player. This causes a gigantic halo of light from the direction of the sun blocking your view.

    Supposedly there is a 11.5c driver that is literally right around the corner. From what I’ve read you’re better off using RadeonPro and forcing the Dirt 2 profile to get Crossfire working (without visual glitching).

  19. Multithreaded rendering is one of the “big three” DX11 features:
    [url<][/url<] [url<][/url<] [url<][/url<] AMD has not implemented this, nVidia has. nVidia cards do DX11 stuff better (see tessellation and DirectCompute as well). Though lack of DX11 heavy games makes this point kinda moot (and review benchmarks have been slowly regressing). Most notably, probably the most DX11-centric game out, Civ V does use this, hence an easy nVidia lead. Credit AMD for getting the DX11 ball rolling, but they need to work on their feature support (how much drivers can actually help is up in the air, but they should at least implement all the features). Why there is not a push to get the features you arguably paid for when buying a DX11 card, I don't know. Probably cause being critical of AMD is a no-no.

  20. I guess everyone is hoping their crappy drivers is because they suck. I, for one, think ATI/AMD is a good company, but I guess that is not the general consensus as I got -8 in a short time.

    If people do actually like ATI/AMD, then I’m assuming my -8 is because of reading comprehension issues.

    They’ve been having a lot of performance regression issues and don’t even support multi-threaded DX11.

    I have a 6950 and it’s awesome, but damn does it have a list of problems with games. How about some decent Linux support?

    I love that old shader caching issue they had with BC2. It only affected that game and it took them 4 months and fixed the bug 3 different times. One driver had the bug fix listed, but the bug was still there. The next driver had the bug fixed in the RC1, but the final version didn’t have it.. surprise. Then the next driver still didn’t have the bug fix even though they AGAIN said they had it listed in the notes.

    I was like.. &%#$, they fixed this 3 driver versions ago, and listed the fix every time, but it was never included.

  21. Ha…yeah I was wondering that myself! I meant my reply in a positive way. Nv does the same thing but calls them beta drivers…people don’t like them helping out the gaming community or what? Drivers that fix issues is good news folks!

  22. So tempting to just reach over and…click thumbs down on your post.

    …so I decided to thumbs it up instead. 🙂

  23. How do both of your posts get thumbed down is beyond me..
    Frustrated thumbed down troller(s)?

  24. AMD have the worst drivers and without rushing out hotfixes, everything would fall apart.

  25. I’m hoping that AMD has been making crappy drivers because they’ve dedicated most of their engineers to making a new line of drivers that finally support multithreading with DX11, and the current line is understaffed.


  26. Brink needed the hotfix badly as it is an OpenGL game and AMD cards were get pretty bad performance. I think the TW2 had some crossfire performance fixes as well, not sure about Dirt 3 though. That has been pretty standard of AMD lately though in releasing hotfix’s for popular games.

  27. I want a headline like AMD improved Eyefinity array compatibility. Ya know, so that PLP will be supported.

  28. I can’t help but wonder how much of the obvious flurry of work on drivers and CrossFire support is in anticipation of the imminent release of Llano.