Millions of eyes cross as YouTube adds 3D Vision support

If you have an Nvidia 3D Vision-capable setup and would like to see such classics as "Charlie bit me" or the double-rainbow dude in stereoscopic 3D, today is your lucky day. The folks at YouTube, Nvidia, and Mozilla have conspired to make 3D videos possible over YouTube via the Firefox 4 browser. You'll need to have a number of things in order to take advantage of the full experience, including the proper glasses and emitter, display, video card, GPU drivers, web browser, web site, video source, and HTML 5 video mode, but inside of that narrow valley lies a wonderland of two-eyed madness.

Or something like that.

To check out whether your system is properly equipped, hit this page on Nvidia's 3D Vision site. If everything's in place, you can select your form of stereoscopy for YouTube videos here. Once that's done, slide on those funny glasses and head to Nvidia's showcase page to see a host of 3D videos. Personally, I just watched Captain Jack Sparrow make a droll comment while standing out against a flat background, thanks to some cheap red-blue glasses I had on hand.

And now I can't seq sraifht.

Anyhow. 3D videos are a nice perk, obviously, and adding this sort of infrastructure is no doubt important for a product of this type. Still, I maintain that 3D games are the best way to experience stereoscopic displays, because the user can adjust the depth dynamically. Most Hollywood movies look like cardboard cutout books, while Left 4 Dead with the depth cranked has a much truer sense of depth.

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