Release roundup: Power, memory, cases, and mice

This week, Corsair, Cooler Master, Enermax, and NZXT are featured in our look at miscellaneous release announcements that didn't make it into our regular news coverage.

  • Corsair announces world's fastest production 8GB PC memory kit. Not everybody has $499 to spend on a single memory kit, but those who do now have a new option: Corsair's Dominator GTX 8GB dual-channel DDR3 kit, which is "guaranteed" to operate at a blistering 2400MHz with 9-11-10-30 1T timings and a 1.65V voltage setting. Corsair says making the kit involves a "painstaking four-stage component screening process which is passed by fewer than one in 20 memory ICs." All kits are validated using Intel P55 motherboards. Not so surprisingly, Corsair says only "limited quantities" of these souped-up Dominators are available.

  • Cooler Master rolls out Silencio 550 case. If you're one of those people who like their PC to be neither seen nor heard, then Cooler Master's latest enclosure seems like it's worth a look. The Silencio 550 features a black exterior not unlike that of Antec's P180, and it's lined with "sound silencing foam padding." The frame is made out of steel and comes outfitted with two "quiet-spinning" fans. There's also an external hot-swappable drive dock, USB 3.0 connectivity, an SD card reader, liquid-cooling holes, and a total of seven 3.5" hard-drive bays. I spy cable-routing openings and a CPU socket cut-out in the motherboard tray, as well.

  • Enermax MaxRevo PSU has 94% peak efficiency rating. Everything about Enermax's new power supply is extravagant, from the 1350W output rating and six 12V rails to the 80 Plus Gold certification, 94% peak efficiency, and tricked-out modular design. On top of that, Enermax says the MaxRevo "incorporates the Copper-Bridge Array transmission technology to replace traditional wires, which offers four times wider and shorter transmission path, and results in up to 3% improved regulation that ensures system stability and clean DC output quality." Enermax's announcement doesn't quote a price, but I don't imagine this puppy is cheap.

  • NZXT unveils Avatar S gaming mouse. Yes, NZXT also makes mice. The company's latest mouse is pretty feature-packed despite a relatively reasonable $39.99 asking price. It includes five buttons, hardware DPI switching capabilities, a DPI range of 400-1600, a 1000Hz polling rate, LED lighting, and 16KB of onboard memory to store macros. The Avatar S doesn't look half bad, either.

It's too bad more companies don't make wireless gaming mice. Wires are all well and good, especially if you don't want to run out of juice in the middle of a game, but they always make me feel like my range of movement is restricted. I suppose a less messy desk would help remedy that, though.

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