Asus teases possible tablet-phone hybrid

"Pad or phone?" That's the question asked by the latest teaser image on Asus' Facebook page. The image appears to be setting the stage for a product announcement at Computex next week—but the real question is, what exactly is Asus cooking up?

Engadget has nabbed some additional teaser shots, and one of them provides the most compelling clue: "Pad or phone? How about both?" A set of close-ups of the upcoming product offer additional hints, like what seems to be an insert just big enough for a phone on the back surface of a tablet. We might be looking at a tablet-phone hybrid, possibly one that allows users to connect the phone to a larger tablet shell in order to enjoy a larger screen and longer battery life.

Asus, of course, has dabbled in cell phones in the past. I've not seen any modern Android or Windows Phone 7 handsets from the company, though, so perhaps this upcoming tablet-phone hybrid could be Asus' ticket back into the ring. In any case, our own Geoff Gasior will be on the scene at Computex next week, so he'll be bringing us the news as it develops.

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