Leaked slides reveal new competitive roadmap for Llano

Now this is interesting. Remember a few weeks ago, when a purportedly leaked AMD PowerPoint slide showed that AMD's Llano processors would only compete against Intel's Celeron, Pentium, and lower-end Core i3 processors? Well, some new, authentic-looking slides posted by the folks at NGOHQ completely contradict that information.

According to the new slides, systems based on AMD's top-of-the-line, A8-series Llano APUs will in fact go toe to toe against those based on higher-end Core i5 and lower-end Core i7 processors, with prices of $699 and upward. A6-series Llano chips look set to go against higher-end Core i3s and lower-end Core i5s, while the A4 series will seemingly tackle the lower end of the Core i3 family. Later slides make it clear that A-series labels refer to Llano exclusively, so there are no Bulldozer-based offerings in the mix.

More shocking still, the slide suggests that PCs based on AMD's next-generation E-series processors—Zacate's successor—will compete dollar-for-dollar with systems based on Intel's Pentium processors. The slides are dated May 17, which predates the introduction of Intel's new Sandy Bridge-based Pentiums, but still... either those slides are completely faked, or AMD expects to do better against entry-level Sandy Bridge offerings than one might have thought.

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