Deal of the week: Juicy mass storage deals and more

We've stumbled upon a couple of attractively priced hard drives for mass storage this week. Sure, solid-state drives might be getting all the attention these days, but having a few terabytes on which to store backups and large files is always helpful.

The most tantalizing of the two deals is probably Samsung's 2TB Spinpoint F4, which is available at Newegg for only $69.99 after the promo code "EMCKEHC22." That price tag works out to about 3.5 cents per gigabyte, which is rather cheap, to say the least. Folks who want even more space can spring for WD's 3TB Caviar Green, which you can nab for only $129.99 after entering the promo code "EMCKEHC35" on the checkout page.

4.3 cents/GB might not beat 3.5 cents/GB, but in the grand scheme of things, both are excellent deals. (Both of these drives are low-power offerings with reduced spindle speeds, so while they should do a great job of storing masses of files, they're probably a little too sluggish to serve as primary system drives.)

Bargain hunters might want to check out Newegg's Memorial Day sale, which is where we dug up the two aforementioned deals. Our Canadian friends already had their long weekend last week, but that hasn't stopped NCIX from running another large sale, as well.

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