Staggered release for mobile Athlons

C|Net reports:
Notebooks that run on Palomino--a version of Advanced Micro Devices' Athlon processor that consumes less power than standard Athlon chips--could come out as soon as next month, according to sources close to the chipmaker.

But models from top-tier PC makers will likely show up a lot later. Industry sources indicate that major PC makers have recently pushed back until June or July plans to introduce notebooks based on the processors. Compaq Computer and Hewlett-Packard are among the major manufacturers expected to adopt the chip.

The belated release comes not because of flaws with Palomino but because of a lack of notebook-specific chipsets, motherboards and other components. The same issue already prompted AMD to push back the release of Palomino from last year's fourth quarter to the first quarter of 2001. Morgan, a power-saving version of AMD's budget Duron processor, was also delayed last year from the fourth quarter to the second quarter of 2001.

C|Net's story continues here. got|apex? interviews AMD's Mark deFrere.
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