Latest two NZXT cases cost only $40, $50

There are affordable PC cases... and then there are really affordable PC cases. NZXT's new Source 210 is undeniably one of the latter, what with its rock-bottom asking price of just $39.99.

Despite being so cheap, the Source 210 provides many of the comforts to which users of pricier enclosures have grown accustomed over the years. I'm talking about cutouts for cable routing and the CPU socket in the motherboard tray, room for a generous number of cooling fans (up to seven of them, all 120 mm), and a bottom-mounted power supply area.

The Source 210 doesn't look half bad, either. It's got a black-and-white aluminum panels, and the interior is painted the same color as the outside. (There's no window, though, so you'll be the only one peering at the internal finish.)

Folks with a spare sawbuck in their pocket can spring for the Source 210 Elite, which costs $49.99 and adds USB 3.0, a tool-less design, and a 140-mm top fan to the Source 210's feature list. I'd probably shell out the extra $10 myself, if only to spare myself the trouble of manually screwing in hard drives. The extra cooling probably doesn't hurt, either.

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