Doom ported to Firefox using JavaScript, HTML5

Who needs fish in a fishtank when you can pimp your browser's HTML5 capabilities with a port of the original Doom? The port, which quietly popped up on Mozilla's Developer Network website earlier this week, is glitchy but playable... as long as you're running Firefox or Safari, that is.

I was able to gun down a few enemies, although for some reason, the demo emitted a high-pitched whine that forced me to quit after a few minutes. I guess this is more of an experimental endeavor than anything. According to the "details" page, the demo was compiled from C to JavaScript with Emscripten and clang. The source code is linked on that page, so adventurous developers could take a crack at improving it.

While neat, the demo's spotty browser compatibility is a bit discouraging. (Only Firefox really lets you play smoothly.) One of the selling points of open standards like HTML5 and JavaScript is consistent cross-browser support without the need for plugins, yet I can't help think that, had this demo been done with Flash, it would probably work happily across many different browsers and platforms.

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