AMD teases tablet platform with 5.9W APU

Although I was lucky enough to hold the fort this year while Geoff roams the halls of Computex, I can smell the tablets from all the way across the Pacific. This year, even AMD has taken part in the tablet craze, announcing its 2011 AMD HD Tablet Platform and a new version of its Ontario APU primed for Windows-powered slates.

This new APU is dubbed the AMD Z-01, and it features a pair of Bobcat cores clocked at 1GHz. Here's how the chip compares to the rest of AMD's low-power Fusion lineup:

Processor CPU cores CPU clock GPU ALUs GPU clock TDP
AMD E-350 with Radeon HD 6310 graphics 2 1.6 GHz 80 500 MHz 18W
AMD E-240 with Radeon HD 6310 graphics 1 1.5 GHz 80 500 MHz 18W
AMD C-50 with Radeon HD 6250 graphics 2 1.0 GHz 80 280 MHz 9W
AMD C-30 with Radeon HD 6250 graphics 1 1.2 GHz 80 280 MHz 9W
AMD Z-01 with Radeon HD 6250 graphics 2 1.0 GHz 80 276 MHz 5.9W

In other words, the newcomer could be mistaken for a version of the C-50 tuned for lower power consumption. 5.9W still sounds a little on the high side compared to Intel's new Atom Z670, though. The Z670 offfers x86 compatibility, integrated graphics, and 1080p output capabilities within a TDP almost half as small (just 3W).

Nevertheless, the new Z-01 chip has been adopted by MSI for its new WindPad 110W tablet, which purportedly has "the longest [battery life] of any tablet with Windows architecture." The 110W offers "six-plus hours of battery time" and complements the Z-01 with 2GB of DDR2 RAM, up to 64GB of solid-state storage and 802.11n Wi-Fi. I expect a relatively beefy battery accounts for much of the device's 1.87-lb weight.

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