Preview says good things about Metro: Last Light

Back in February, THQ revealed that the sequel to 4A Games' Metro 2033 would be more polished than its predecessor yet retain the same post-apocalyptic feel. Now, the folks at Joystiq have gotten a chance to see Metro: Last Light in action. Their verdict? "What we saw assuaged our concerns that what made Metro 2033 special would be replaced with a more generic, but safer, shooter."

THQ elaborated a little bit about the polish, saying developer 4A Games "rebuilt all of the gameplay systems from the ground up" to deliver "better stealth, better weapons and core combat." However, the publisher added that it gave the 4A team "complete creative freedom."

The result, according to Joystiq, is a game with a new, original story that follows where the original left off. There's enough eye candy to make high-end gaming PCs sweat, not to mention tidier gameplay, improved destruction and dynamic physics elements, and more conventional stealth elements (including some of the automated cut-throat takedowns seen in other games). Weapons do more damage, as well, so the combat purportedly feels "a lot more visceral and deadly."

If Metro 2033: Last Light turns out as Joystiq's preview suggests, I'll probably be among the first to it pick up when it hits stores next year. The first game had some great ideas and art direction behind it, but at least in my experience, the gameplay was too rough around the edges to be any fun. The sequel really looks set to fix that problem without upsetting the formula.

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